About Alana Clark



Alana Clark is a Cleveland Ohio based photographer, where she is a photojournalist for the Chagrin Valley Times. Alana has photographed a wide variety of events and community happenings from the Popcorn Ball Drop on New Years Eve to political figures and people making a profound impact on society. She also volunteers at her local Humane Society taking portraits of animals to help them get adopted, it is also a great excuse to snuggle puppies.

Alana is the owner and principal photographer at her studio Fox and Peony Studios ltd, where she does client work with a focus on Heirloom Family Portraiture, Boudoir and Beauty, and Commissioned Portraits.

Her number one joy in life (aside from family because they should come first, right?) is travel and photographing daily life around the world. She also loves vintage cars and clothing, Nick Cave’s and Tom Wait’s music, the smell of old books, goat cheese, and the feeling one gets while heading to the airport to catch a plane and head somewhere new.


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